Halo Lyft

Halo is used by Lyft as a location-targeted ads displayer on top of rideshare vehicles, using online data to serve offline ads.





Project Type

Motion Design for LED screens


Motion Designer/Animator

Motion Design

On Cars

Concept Introductions

This was a concept announcement animation to show that Halo Lyft was now being offered in NYC.  For the final result they wanted a more 2D aesthetic but I always loved the colors of the city and the cars doing some free riding.

Funny Boy Promo

This was another really fun promo to animate. Lyft  sent me the raw assets for this independent film to work with as well as clips from the film. I was able to get extremely creative on this and create a little 2.5D scene.

Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man

Here is another video I made for Halo Lyft, to promote a new book. Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man.

Halo Lyft Drivers - Multi Lingual

This was an interesting campaign with Lyft where they were creating ads to be placed on top of the cars. The biggest challenge with these videos were making each of the languages fit in the space I had to work with.I had a ton of fun creating the different advertisements for some awesome content and also working in the unique dimensions felt refreshing


I found some of my work
out in the wild of New York City!