Chewy is an online retailer of all things pet supplies. They have an amazing team of video creators who constantly create and push the bar for the love of pets! I worked closely with the project manager to create videos for a wide variety of purposes.


2017 - 2021



Project Type

Video Production


Motion Designer / Video Editor

Unbox Holiday Savings

In this National spot for Chewy I worked as one of the motion graphic artists to help composite the app ui onto the phone at second 10. I also helped compositing the box of dog toys into he scene at second 15.

The Stress of Holidays Past

In this National spot for Chewy I worked as a motion designer. I specifically worked on motion tracking and rotoscoping in the UI of the Chewy app on to the phone at 08. I also worked on the compositing of the box of dog toys at second 13.

Why Does My Pet Food Have Meat Meals?

This is an example of some of my day to day work when I worked as a motion designer and editor for Chewy. We were expected to meet specific quotas with videos per week. Here you can see one of the many multiple different styles I would need to follow since this is a different channel than Chewy’s product videos.

How Can You Get Your Pets to Take Their Meds?

In this video I worked as a video editor and motion graphics artist. This is one of many videos I worked on as a contractor. We would expected to follow Chewy’s playful and iconic branding guidelines.

Merrick Backcountry Dog Food

I worked on the editing and motion graphics on this video. This video shows one of the older styles that Chewy had when I first started working with them. In the months/years that I would contract them they had updated their design/brand.

How to fill pet prescriptions online with Chewy Pharmacy.

I worked as the editor and motion designer on this video. Here we had yet another style to follow for Chewy’s Vet Q&A channel.

I also animated this social tag for their Youtube channel!